Sales, servicing and tuning of stringed instruments in Geneva


From violin to cello to viola, instrument maker Kaspar Maurer will look after all your instruments with care.

In Geneva, at the heart of the Plainpalais district, in an arcade full of charm, Kaspar Maurer and his team of instrument makers are at your disposal for advice, information, tuning, repairs, restoration, etc.

Thanks to his skills and his years of experience, Kaspar Maurer meets the needs of every musician: amateur or professional.

In the Kaspar Maurer workshop, you will find instruments for sale or rental. Violins, violas and cellos are available in various sizes and price categories.

Instrument rental

For rental, an agreement is signed for a minimum of three months, with monthly instalments paid in advance at the start of each month. If you then purchase the instrument, a deduction of six months rental is offered.

The Kaspar Maurer shop also offers:

  • a great choice of equipment and accessories: cases, strings, rosin, stands, metronomes in stock and a wide range of items can be ordered.
  • a warm welcome and personal advice from a professional are always much appreciated by a demanding clientele. 

Find a balance and develop your musical ear, contact instrument maker Kaspar Maurer in Geneva!


Violin, viola and cello maintenance:

  • Cleaning
  • Changing strings: tension, loosening, etc.
  • Tuning
  • Moving parts such as the sound post (soul post) between the bridge and the back